It’s a bold claim we know, but we really do reckon we have the best range of mens briefs on the internet, and probably off the internet too! From the classic to the funky, the fashionable to the sexy, we make sure we have the best of the best for all you brief connoisseurs out there. Briefs are by the far the most notable underwear style to gain popularity in recent years. In fact, a survey we conducted suggests that a huge proportion of our customers actually love a tighty whitey!

The Calvin Klein Intense Range is bold, innovative and bright. It’s made for the man who likes to feel powerful in his underwear, whether that’s in the bedroom or the boardroom! These briefs are made to be seen in, and with the reworked classic Calvin branding reflecting the colouring of the briefs, these styles are the latest in the Power ranges.

If you love classic white briefs, then the C-IN2 core range will be right up your alley. Made from durable soft cotton, these breathable briefs are ideal for when you’re working out. The waistband and binding to the leg will ensure they’re tight enough to keep everything in place when you’re lifting those weights, but have enough stretch in them to make sure you’re not constricted. If you like these then you should check out the rest of the C-IN2 ranges, they’re seriously cool.

The Diesel Hero Fit range is the latest offering from the designer brand. The secret lies in the all new pouch and gusset construction, both the boxers and briefs have been cut with a seperate gusset panel between the legs that prevents your junk from slipping down between your thighs whilst the new contoured fitted pouch provides a safe cradle to drop your old boy in – meaning no more pinching or chaffing. They’ve also got a pretty cool campaign to promote the collection.

ES Collection are on fire this season, from their hugely successful swimwear ranges to their equally as popular sports lines, it doesn’t end there. Their underwear is also pretty major. The Spanish brand always seems to deliver on quality, fashion and comfort. Featuring sporty styles with bold branding, we’ve increased our ES brief ranges and it’s just gonna keep growing! So keep up with us and grab yourself a pair now.


Ah Pump!. Where do we even stop with our love of Pump!? Their athletic styles and cuts with breathable mesh fabrics are both distinctive and addictive. They’re like the pringles of the men’s underwear world- once you stop buying, you just can’t stop. We rounded up our favourite Pump! briefs if you wanted to have a look. Just a reminder, we told you they were addictive…

 And last but not least is our beloved Rufskin. We’ve backed this range from the start, and it’s clear to see why. Their campaigns fill us with jealousy- who wouldn’t want a bronzed bod like their model Logan? The American brand consistently pulls out all their stops, boldly going where no other designer will tread with their bright colours, cool collaborations, their use of fabrics and the extension to a lifestyle brand with tees, tanks and even denim available, all from BANG&STRIKE- Rufskin’s only UK stockist!