Recently we asked you to tell us all about your underwear buying and wearing habits: you told us what underwear you love to wear and what you’d never wear, how often you wash them, how much you spend on them, and how confident you feel wearing them.

If you’ve ever stuffed your pants, ironed them ahead of a special occasion, or gone commando on laundry day, you’re not alone. In fact, 2.2% of you stuff your pants regularly, 1.4% of you go commando every day (brrrr it’s cold down here), and more than 20% of you have waited more than two days before reaching for a fresh pair. We were(n’t) surprised to learn that the ladies tend to be a cleaner bunch, with 78% never having worn the same pair of pants for more than a day (just over half of men could say the same). Sadly when it came to confidence, the ladies lost out: just 5.1% of you said you felt completely comfortable in your underwear, vs. 21.7% of men.

We also asked who the men would most want to look like in their underwear and we were pleased to find out that the majority of you are happy looking like you! Other popular choices included Calvin Harris, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mark Wahlberg, and our lovely BANG&STRIKE models Charlie King, Igor Stepanov, and Oliver Bailey.

See the results of our Underwear survey below and check out the BANG&STRIKE range of underwear here

BANG&STRIKE Pants survey Graphic