CAMPAIGN: Matty Carrington shot by Christian Oita for BANG&STRIKE

The launch campaign for the new BANG&STRIKE underwear collection has arrived,  shot by Christian Oita and featuring model Matty Carrington


Matty Carrington in BANG&STRIKE Hard Times Woven white boxer shorts shot by Christian Oita

We have been fans of Christian's photographic style for some time and loved his shots as they are always highly editorial but feel candid, intimate and natural.
Alongside Attitude Fashion Editor Joseph Kocharian we have created a campaign that has an 80’s energy and a contemporary realism mixing instant camera shots with highly produced imagery. It’s a feast for the eyes in more than one way, and we think that one of our campaign model, Matty Carrington slotted into our world, and vision, with perfect ease.

Matty Carrington in STRIKE PRO EMBOSS underwear from BANG&STRIKE shot by Christian Oita

Matty was scouted at just 16 years old, and has been modelling ever since. He has many a fashion achievement under his belt, having walked the runway for designers such as Astrid Anderson, Givenchy, Sibling and Bobby Abley. He has also been featured in publications such as Riot magazine, GQ, The Independent, and Attitude.
Matty Carrington in BANG&STRIKE Underwear on a sofa shot by Christian Oita


His professionalism combined with his fashion and fitness aesthetic made him a an ideal choice for our new campaign. We wanted to know how he kept himself in optimum shape while working in the industry, and he credits it to his love of rugby and a healthy diet and fitness regime. While not everyone will look like Matty, you can most definitely steal his style.



Matty Carrington muscles in BANG&STRIKE underwear photographed by Christian Oita

In our launch campaign, Matty wears a lot of the athletic styles in our range, fitting in perfectly with his persona. One of the favourites at the shoot are the Hard Times Woven Patch Boxers. It’s a boxer made from a comfortable and quality stretch fabric that fits the contours of your body without any restriction on movement. It has a classic button fly and on the front of the boxer, you will find a BANG&STRIKE tag, and on the back a ‘Hard Times’ patch. They would be the ideal underwear for sports, ensuring your body is supported while still allowing it to move.

Matty Carrington shot by Christian Oita in BANG&STRIKE Micro Modal Underwear

He also donned our essential core cotton hip briefs on the day, made from a lightweight and high stretch jersey cotton that sits low to the hips. These briefs retain their shape and offer excellent support everywhere you need it, making them the perfect everyday choice.



Keep up with Matty on our Instagram, and his @bangandstrike @mattycarrington_