Kieran Warner shot by Christian Oita for BANG&STRIKE Underwear

We took Cornwall lad Kieran Warner back to 1980's LA in our latest underwear photoshoot

To be completely honest it wasn't LA but it was an amazing 1950's styled Victorian House on a very hot and sunny summer's day in Hackney East London! It was possibly one of the hottest days of 2019 the heat was almost unbearable so that sweats real!


Kieran Warner photographed by Christian Oita in BANG&STRIKE underwear with Honey Monster
If you’ve noticed that things seem a little, well, different over here at BANG&STRIKE, you’d be absolutely right. For the past year, we have been meticulously planning our relaunch to become an own brand store. While we have found much success with stocking some of our most beloved designers, from Rufskin to ADDICTED, Calvin Klein to Emporio Armani and more, we longed to be our own brand, and have our own identity. It was at the beginning of this year that things really clicked, and we set the wheels in motion for a new era of BANG&STRIKE.
Kieran Warner in white BANG&STRIKE jockstrap photographed by Christian Oita 
One of the cogs in that wheel machine, was a photoshoot that would perfectly convey our brand identity and ethos, and we sought out some of the most creative-minded people to bring our vision to life. We enlisted fashion and celebrity photographer Christian Oita and Attitude stylist Joseph Kocharian to create a campaign that has an 80’s energy and a contemporary realism mixing instant camera photos with highly produced imagery. That part was done, and we needed to find a model that would fit into our newly created world. In walked Kieran Warner. 
Kieran warner in BANG&STRIKE CORE COTTON White briefs on the bed with a red telephone, photographed by Christian Oita
Kieran is originally from Devon, and his fresh face and surfer-esque persona was something we felt matched perfectly to the vintage California vibe we were portraying in our campaign. Warner was a great model to work with, and was enthusiastic about immersing himself in the BANG&STRIKE world. It was almost as if the underwear we’d designed were especially for him!
BANG&STRIKE Underwear campaign image with Kieran Warner shot by Christian Oita 
The main pieces Warner wears in the shoot are from our Core Cotton range. Pieces that are ergonomically designed to be worn throughout the day, or night! Cotton is a fabric with many benefits, that include exceptional fit, moisture-wicking properties and unbelievable softness.
Kieran Warner in BANG&STRIKE CORE COTTON White Briefs
Kieran warner in BANG&STRIKE STRIKE PRO EMBOSS White Boxer Trunks with neon electric light behind
Our Core collection is designed from a stretch jersey cotton and is set to be the perfect addition to many a man’s underwear collection. We have also included bold yet stylish branding to the waistband, a synonymous design with the top men’s underwear brands.
Our collections and pieces are weaved through our campaign imagery, telling our story scene by scene, and we are happy to share that story with you, our audience.
So make sure you take a look at our campaign imagery, over on our Instagram or Kieran’s.