The term ‘Men’s Enhancing Underwear’ may have you thinking of some kind of Wonder..Briefs, or maybe sock stuffing and chicken fillets. It may even sound a bit much – do you really need to be enhanced? Would enhancing your ‘ahem’ make you less of a man?

Well you really shouldn’t worry, there is nothing ego-bruising or untoward about wearing modern men’s enhancing underwear. Far from Bridget Jones knickers or stuffed pouches, some of the most popular enhancing underwear styles from brands like Andrew Christian, Addicted, 2(x)ist, and ES Collection simply add an extra loop of fabric at the front to create the ‘boosting’ effect. We’ll explain…

Firstly, the front pouch is normally made a little more spacious. Rather than clinging to you and potentially squashing your potential, the fabric sits on your skin and shows it off instead. This kind of fit is what you might call ‘natural’ – your junk sits how it would do naturally rather than being constricted by your clothes, and the result is your bulge looks bigger. Simple, really.

Secondly, on the inside of the pouch the styles have an additional ‘horse-shoe’ or ‘U’ of fabric that you tuck your junk over. All this does is move your family jewels away from your body so that they sit comfortably in the pouch rather than falling directly down or pressing against your body. This forward shift is what gives you extra visibility up front, translating into a more noticeable bulge in the fabric. 

And there you have it. No implants, no padding, no faking it – men’s enhancing underwear just lets your manhood speak for itself, sitting as happy as Larry in a far more natural-fitting pouch. The result is that your bulge looks bigger, feels more comfortable, and you didn’t need to do any weird shenanigans to get there!

So why do you need some enhancing underwear?

Well there’s nothing to lose. Whether you’re happy or not with how you look in your knick-knacks, there is no denying that the new styles of enhancing underwear add a little something. Try it out for yourself and get an ‘enhanced’ side-profile just by pulling on the right undies!