The ultimate all American brand, Tommy Hilfiger history dates back to the 1970s. Rather than pursuing a career, Hilfiger decided he would go to New York to venture into a fashion career. Like many an entreprenuer, Hilfiger began relatively small. He started customising jeans and selling them on to turn a profit. He then opened store called The People’s Place in Elmira, which, although was successful at first, ultimately ended up with Hilfiger having to close, and declaring himself bankrupt in the late seventies.

Hilfiger mania reached it’s highest point in the 1990s, with it’s signature red, white and blue flag featured on everything and everyone from girlbands Destiny’s Child and TLC to the fashion queen herself, Kate Moss. Snoop Dogg wore Tommy Hilfiger on SNL in 1994, which resulted in huge demand for the brand from the rap and hip-hop world. Tommy Hilfiger managed to be preppy, cool and urban, all at the same time, with many choosing oversized Hilfiger garments as their look for day and night! They were even showing off the logos of their underwear waistbands, so if you weren’t showing your Tommy colours, in one way or another, you just weren’t good enough.

This season, the brand new Tommy Hilfiger Bold collection has hit the virtual shelves of BANG&STRIKE and they’re selling like hotcakes already. It’s a celebration and a nod to the iconic Tommy Hilfiger logo, bringing a little nineties back to the scene. They’ve added a modern twist to a retro vibe, however, through an innovative new microfiber waistband which has a red front and a blue back, with white Hilfiger branding on the front and back.

The collection isn’t just a little vintage looking, it’s also sporting and athletic, both in aesthetic and in function, with a dual ply pouch and soft stretch body. The trunk and the brief are both made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, so they’re super comfy. Fit for any athlete- speaking of which, Tommy enlisted the face (and body) of Rafael Nadal to front their Tommy Bold Fragrance and new Tailored Collection last year, so we wonder who’s going to be their latest recruit this year. Ours is Sasha Green, and we promise a Q&A amongst other things will be coming soon…

We no longer stock Tommy but you can check out our underwear ranges here!