Tom of Finland by Rufskin is a thrilling new collection from the Californian designers that blurs the lines between fashion, art, and eroticism. Inspired by the Finnish illustrator’s bold and unforgiving art style, the range pays homage to an important homoerotic artist of the 20th century. For a fashionable guy, it offers edgy sex appeal and a striking look that’ll get you all the right attention!


Tom of Finland’s illustrations are unmistakeable. They’re nostalgic throwbacks to a time when homosexual relations were illegal, long before the Internet or Grindr. Every image is a hyper-sexualised fantasy of an unrestricted world where a gay man is free to do whatever he pleases, with whomever he desires. Escapism for a young gay artist in World War II era Finland that would go on to gain a cult following.


The artist’s men are instantly recognisable for their exaggerated proportions, unbelievable muscles, tiny waists, and enormous bulges. Normally they’re dressed in uniforms – soldiers, sailors, workmen, police, bikers – all fetishised for the brawny, working men who would wear them.


Yet his illustration work has become canonised as historically important to gay men everywhere. Tom of Finland’s work has even been memorialised by the Finnish state, appearing on a series of national postage stamps. Touko Laaksonen (Westernised to Tom of Finland) has had a huge impact on gay culture in the twentieth century, being variously described as “pav[ing] the way to gay liberation” by Kate Wolf, and as “one of the five most influential artists of the twentieth century” by Harvey S. Shipley Miller.


The ever innovative designers at Rufskin cite him not only as an inspiration for this collection, but as an inspiration for their whole brand. The art has told the test of time, and its revival in the form of fashion is long overdue. This new collection is seriously cool, edgy, and sexy!


The Tom of Finland by Rufskin collection takes inspiration from the artist in a number of ways. Some pieces use actual artwork for a shocking erotic effect, some take cues from the clothing styles in the art, and others are inspired by the ethos of underground, clandestine sex.


 Using Rufskin’s classic fits, the range is designed to accentuate and suggest. Tom of Finland’s explicit artwork is arousing and striking – a conversation starter for sure!