While one of the top trends of last year was the man bun, with that carrying on into an intricate braided style, we’re feeling a change on the horizon, and we’ve got the manpower to prove it. The beard has been around for a long, long time, but it’s only recently that it’s become a ‘thing’. So, what to do when the man bun and beard with a braid is becoming tiresome? Well, you keep the beard as the focus and shave the rest. That’s right, it’s the rise of the bearded bald men in 2016. Fancy it?

Whether you’re naturally thin on top or want actively choose to lose the hair on your head, it doesn’t matter. Because bald + beard = cool. Don’t believe us? Well this post is filled with such coolboys, and there are a bazillion more floating around the internet. From celebrity to civilian, model to modern man, we take a look at some golden baldies with beardy chins….

Travis Fimmel. 

Lodbrok was a legendary Norse ruler, king and hero from the Viking Age. He was pretty badass, which obviously called for a badass look for the series Vikings, in which Travis Fimmel played the role of Ragnar Lodbrok. It helps that Fimmel is pretty ripped, and having a modelling career under his belt. Definitely #beardspiration of the ancient and modern time. After all, as the old age Norse saying goes… Happy is he who hath in himself praise, wisdom and a great beard in life… or something like that.


Stanley Tucci

Actor Stanley Tucci is a pro at the bald and beard gig, having rocked it for many years. You may recognise Tucci from the popular franchise ‘The Hunger Games’ although he does rock some seriously cool coloured hair in that, but he’s been in so many more films prior to that. He’s adept in comedy, but can also turn his hands to more sinister parts. He’s definitely some inspiration for men of a certain age who aren’t ready to hang up their cool credentials.


Bryan Cranston aka Heisenburg.

Ahhh Heisenburg. We’re going to refer to the character Cranston played in the cult series ‘Breaking Bad’ from here on in. Walter White wasn’t cool. I mean, he was cool in an intellectual sort of way, but once he turned to meth making he was even cooler (we never thought we’d write such a sentence!). While the decision to shave his hair off was due to the fact it was falling out, it was definitely a changing point for the character. He turned from the mild, meek Mr White into the seriously disturbed drug lord Heisenburg. That may not be a good enough reason for you to reach for the bic razor, but he looks pretty cool none the less.


Hugh Jackman.

For the action adventure film Pan, based on Peter Pan, Jackman shaved his hair off for the role of ruthless pirate Blackbeard. Considering he usually has a pretty full head of hair, it was a stark change but we think he looks pretty great without it. He didn’t keep the new look unfortunately and as soon as he could, he filmed someone shaving off the character’s signature black beard (haha!). He was recently on the Ellen show sporting his normal stubble and groomed hair, but at least he knows for future reference he looks ace without it!


Bruce Willis.

 Bruce is a vintage baldy and we’ve loved him for years. His lack of hair has never hindered him in his career or his love life, so he’s definite inspiration for all you guys looking into shaving your head and he’s perfect for our #coolboy roundup, especially as he rocked this beard too. It was for a role obviously, but it still looks awesome and reckon Bruce should grow it back after he’s finished acting in Misery on Broadway (where he’s sporting a little bit of facial hair and a little bit of head hair!)