What Is Enhancing Underwear?

Enhancing underwear is underwear that, well, enhances. In the simplest of terms, it gives you a boost, a bump up, a bigger and more prominent package, with the use of cleverly hidden bits of fabric, or innovative ways of stitching!

The History Of The Enhancing Underwear…

Enhancing underwear itself actually dates back to the 16th, but back then, it was referred to as a cod piece. Yep, you’ve got it now- those things you saw on the Kings of the past- enhancements. Prior to this period, male genitalia was concealed with various fabrics and strings to protect their modesty but there became a shift in the purpose and they were used to emphasise rather than protect any modesty. Scholars would argue that around this time the reason codpieces were so big and decorated is because there was a syphilis epidemic, and the bigger the codpiece, the more bandages were underneath- nice! However, armour then followed suit and metal codpieces were integrated into battle outfits. One famous example is the armour of Henry The Eighth, which can be found in the Tower of London. Protection of course was a huge priority on the battlefield but also off it, and more specifically when men were playing sport, often a codpiece was used to protect the crown jewels (literally in some cases!) The Guardian did a great piece on the rise and the fall of the codpiece with art through the ages depicting the decline of it being a prominent feature in menswear.


What Kinds Of Modern Day Enhancing Underwear Can I Buy?

Depending on your preferences there are a few choices. We introduce you to the 4 P’s of enhancers…


Think of padding like a protective glove for your member! Not only does it provide the ultimate in comfort, holding it in place all day, it gives you a smoother more symmetrical look. Purely based on looks this is a top preference for men who really want to give downstairs a bit of a pick me up. The padding can range in thickness, which is ideal for all shapes and sizes if you catch our drift.


A pouch is the next best thing to nakedness. Cleverly designed technology, seams and an extra bit of fabric allows your chap to sit straight in without any restriction. It definitely displays everything you have to it’s fullest extent, and there’s no awkward dressing to the left or the right, it allows for a nice even distribution! Be mindful that while it does it enhance, it works with what you already have rather than adds on. But who doesn’t need a boost from time to time knowing that you’re going to fill the whole pouch!


Underwear with push up literally does just that. It thrusts the penis up and out, slightly away from the body in a non-harmful and really quite comfortable way. Like a helping hand, it defies gravity and stops you from moving all over the place. Great for when you’re in the gym and you need everything to stay in one place.

Peachy (bums!)

The straps of jocks aren’t just to keep the front of your undies from flapping about, oh no. The straps not only hold your underwear in place, they hold your derriere up! A good jockstrap will lift and enhance in all the right places.

What Are The Benefits Of Enhancing Underwear? (besides the obvious!)

Less sweating! By moving the penis away from the body, it reduces the temperature and that dreaded stickiness by allowing air to pass through the underwear. Padded underwear tends to be less cool however and acts as an insulator, ideal for cooler months (plus we all know what happens when it gets colder, so padded is a win-win!)

Extra Comfort. Just like a bra for the ladies, it lessens anything swinging around and it reduces any chances of being caught readjusting- come on boys, you’ve all done it at inappropriate times when not thinking.

A better shape. Ok yes, this is the obvious we were talking about, but really this is one of the main pros of enhancements. It gives you a rounder, fuller package, and that’s pretty important to some people when choosing underwear.

Great for sports or working out- although you can get specific padding in some sports underwear which tends to be harder and thicker.

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 Which One Is Right For Me?

If you’re a first time enhancer, you’re best off with a padded brief or boxer. If you’re already pretty well hung and are just looking for that extra stage of enhancement, we’d recommend going for a pouch. If you’re looking for a bit more of a perk, then a jockstrap is definitely the way forward for you. Having said all of that, you should definitely take a look at all the styles available, as they bring completely different aesthetics to your nether regions.


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