Every industry has bloggers. From fashion and beauty gurus, to gamers and film critics, there isn’t an avenue or stone unturned when it comes to the virtual world. So it comes as no surprise, we’re sure, that even the underwear world has bloggers! That’s right, there are some seriously dedicated underwear lovers out there and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. Some are individuals who work on the sites as a part time passion, and some have turned their sites into lucrative businesses, bringing on contributors to work alongside them in bringing readers the latest news and trends within the underwear world. So, in no particular order, let’s take a look at our round up…


Top Underwear Bloggers By BANG&STRIKE



“The best blog for all the hottest and latest news, pictures, previews and reviews of men’s undies.”

A mixture of top industry news, press releases, discounts and underwear reviews, the Men’s Underwear Source is quite literally what it says on the tin as it were. The website is owned by Irishman Darrell MacDonald and is an honest and frank website full to the brim of the latest and greatest men’s underwear brand. We’re proud to say that BANG+STRIKE have been featured numerous times, and we’re even a part of their handy shopping roll!


Top Underwear Bloggers Round Up By BANG&STRIKE



“Men’s underwear blog featuring mens underwear reviews, underwear model photos, underwear trends, underwear news, underwear for men and more.”

This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in men’s underwear, whether personally or professionally. The website is slick, which is even more impressive when you find that The Underwear Expert has only been going a few years! It’s headed up by ‘The Expert’ Michael Kleinmann and his colleagues, who take a fashionable approach to the underwear, commenting on styles, brands, photo campaigns, models and much more.


Top Underwear Bloggers By BANG&STRIKE



“A website for guys who prefer briefs”

Short, simple and sweet. This website is for those who answer the age old question (boxers vs briefs) as a resounding ‘BRIEFS!!!’ Founded by the mysterious ‘Briefslad’, aside from underwear related news, this website incorporates a whole community who love briefs over any other choice of undies (well, they sometimes choose a jock from time to time!) It also includes a gallery of men in briefs, as well as a cool round up of briefs (and the men wearing them) spotted in iconic movie scenes! Think Risky Business and Top Gun!


The Top Underwear Bloggers Rounded Up By BANG&STRIKE



“UnderwearFanatic the best place to find everything new about men’s underwear, men’s swimwear and men’s fashion.”

One of the longest standing men’s underwear blogs, this was first started in 2007 by Max and Brady, two guys who were fanatical about men’s underwear. From uncovering niche underwear brands, bringing some of the best underwear news to the world, and posting regularly (feeding everyone’s underwear addiction!), we’re honoured to be on their roll of underwear websites you need to shop at!


Top Underwear Bloggers By BANG& STRIKE



“A men’s underwear blog. Everything about male underwear and sexy men.”

The website is an amalgamation of underwear reviews, posts about campaigns and the models, Q&As with industry insiders and influencers and much more by Ethan Morale. It features a ‘Weekend Feast’ round up of the top posts that week, in case you miss any and features a nice little blogroll of other underwear and men related websites to check out!