We love discovering new brands to bring to our customers and we’re super excited to introduce Hunter & Crew. An Australian brand producing sleek, sexy swimwear can only be a good thing for everyone, right? We caught up with the founder Nick to find out a little more about the brand…

Hi Nick, thanks for agreeing to the interview! So tell us a little bit about your background?I

grew up and continue to live in Brisbane – a beautiful, warm city on the east coast of Australia. I finished high school and went on to complete a degree in accounting and finance but have always wanted to tap into and explore my creative side. My Mum works in the clothing industry so I think I finally took my cue from her and before I knew it I was designing my swimwear collection and Hunter&Crew had been born.

So where did the idea of Hunter & Crew come from?
I love the sun, sand and water and naturally I end up spending a lot of time in swimwear. I grew frustrated buying various swimwear briefs that just weren’t lasting as long as they should or just weren’t beach appropriate. I resorted to having to spend a fortune just to buy something stylish, well-fitting and long lasting. So, I straight up decided to make my own. Since then, I haven’t looked back.


What’s behind the name of Hunter & Crew?
The name Hunter is a strong, bold, masculine name that represents what our brand is about. The word Crew, is about friendship, inclusivity and spirit and represents all of our customers. Together these words are joined with an & to represent the importance of our customers to our overall brand. You will often hear us collectively call our customers our ‘Crew’.
What sets Hunter & Crew apart from it’s competition?

We don’t try to do anything too fancy or reinvent the wheel when it comes to making swimwear. We like to let the products speak for themselves. We use Xtra Life Lycra (lasts up to 5 times longer than standard lycra) and a Caress Lining to ensure our swimwear is both long lasting and extremely comfortable to wear.  We use fashion forecasts to create designs with on-trend colours and designs and then have them printed and made all in Australia to ensure the highest standards are met. We add a few signature details and that’s it! We also have a strong focus on interacting with our customers through our social media platforms. We love to get feedback and also see our swimwear in action across the globe. There’s nothing more rewarding than a happy customer.


Tell us about the latest collection, what inspired you?
The latest collection was inspired by various types of paradises across the world and specifically Australia. We also incorporated the jungle trend into our signature aesthetic that delivers strong colour combinations and masculine designs with understated sex appeal.
If you could sum up the Hunter & Crew brand in 5 words, what would they be?
Stylish, Sexy, Quality, Uniquely Australian.

Tell us more about the campaign images, where were they shot, and who by?

The images were shot by Simon Le. He is well known published fitness and fashion photographer based in Sydney. He captured amazing images for our first campaign and will be working with us again on our next collection. They were shot in Little Bay, Sydney. It’s a little piece of paradise and that itself encapsulates everything that we were trying to achieve in our first collection.


And the models, who are they and why did you decide to use them?Our model was Ryan Greasley. He is signed with Chadwick Models in Sydney and DT Model Management in LA. Ryan had that ‘perfect look’ for our brand with an aspirational physique and strong features. He is also a Brisbane local and we love to support people from our home. Ryan is an exceptional model and we hope to work with him again in the future.


What’s coming up for next season? Can we get a sneaky exclusive of the vision of the brand?

We do like to keep pretty secretive about the vision for the next collection but I can promise the same fantastic fit and high quality finishes. I can say is that we will be introducing a new colour palette with navy and white but also keeping some of the existing colours from our Paradise Collection.

Where do you see the brand in five years’ time?

I see the brand expanding globally into more countries driven by our loyal ‘Crew’. I see the brand also having a larger collection of garments for men – swim briefs, swim shorts, and underwear.