Not a brand for the shy retiring wallflower, Gregg Homme is now available at BANG&STRIKE and we’re sure you’re going to love it! For those who like the thrill of tight, see through and seductive, styles, you’ll be in your element with this brand, we can guarantee that! 

Founded nearly thirty years ago, the Canadian brand has spent years developing their range of cutting-edge underwear and swimwear, through years of innovation and a daring outlook on style. They’ve gained a firm following and a fantastic reputation for high quality, unique design with exceptional fit. Their aim is to fascinate, enthral and delight men with their range and allows the wearer to indulge in their fantasies, while still remaining bang on trend.

 From peekaboo fabrics to full frontal skin on show, there’s never a dull moment with them, and their campaigns and videos reflect their cheeky nature. While their ranges look restricting at times, we can assure you they’re nothing but comfortable, and there’s something extra naughty about only having a thin, even see through layer of fabric between your member and your work trousers. Go ahead and feed into your dark side, whether it be in the day, or at night!