Last month we wrote about the super amazing Addicted swimwear styles that landed at BANG&STRIKE, and boy oh boy did they cause a scene. In a great way of course. They were featured on Attitude Magazine’s site aswell as so many more amazing blogs, social media and the like. The verdict was in. You loved the Addicted swimwear and we’re hoping you’ll join us on loving the new Addicted Underwear styles we have too.

Warning! These ‘Parental Advisory’ Slogan briefs may cause people to instantaneously combust with jealousy. Fun and flirty, these briefs will surely get you noticed, after all what adult doesn’t like a bit of explicit content?? At only £22 for the white and the black pair, nobody would blame you for buying one of each. Live a little! 

The boxer versions of the briefs above. Aha, now we’ve got you haven’t we- no excuses! We can’t promise you’ll look as good as BANG&STRIKE model Oliver Bailey in your Addicted, but at only £24, who can resist the Parental Advisory Boxer?

These X Rated boxers are extra special- they’ll give you a sneaky helping hand in the trouser department. With a push up enhancing pouch feature, they’ll keep you comfy, supported and looking like you’re ready for some action! X-Rated of course.

Bright, bold and brilliant. These Addicted cotton hip briefs boast mesh inserts, meaning your skin will be able to breathe and any moisture will be absorbed right up, making them ideal for working out in! The fun colours just add to the appeal of these briefs and at under £25, they’re an absolute steal.