The boys at Rufskin are pretty good at sniffing out a hot body or two for their models. Their campaign poster boy, the chiselled Logan Swiecki-Taylor is essentially a super human being and they also chose ex-Mr Kelly Brook and beefcake David McIntosh to play model for them last Summer. That’s why it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to unearth the super hot Marcus Randall.

Randall is an author, model and actor from Los Angeles, CA. He started modelling almost a decade ago and had a brief dalliance with Myspace fame (remember Myspace?!?! Waaaay before Instagram!). Myspace obviously died a slow painful death, but luckily Randall’s earlier shoots stayed afloat across the interweb, and when the likes on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr came, his images were shared all over the place. It’s not hard to see why! 

RUFSKIN saw some of his shoots and managed to track the guy down, offering him a big ‘return shoot’. Apparently it worked, and he was lucky enough to be able to balance modelling with writing, penning a 5 part fictional series, akin to the likes of Harry Potter and Twilight (brawn and brains!). He’s also written a poetry book- fancy!

For anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps, he’s quoted as saying ‘My advice is, work hard, and believe in you. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back. Listen to all advice, but only apply what fits. Never stop believing in the possibility that your dreams could come true. Also, don’t be afraid to use social media to contact/ network, great source to connect.’

He’s also partnered with photographer Nathaniel A Kemp to create a 70 image digital book called ‘The Wonderland’ and has since collaborated on a second one with third coming out this Christmas time. He’s worked with many other photographers too in creating seductive and sexy shoots, showing off his exquisitely formed body- which we’re sure is all natural! He’s also appeared in a Fantastic Mags feature swell as Rufskin’s in-house magazine.

You can check out more images of Marcus Randall over on his Instagram