Are you a real life Spiderman or Wolverine just plodding through the daily grind waiting for your chance to save Earth from evil’s filthy grasp?  Yup we thought so, the not knowing your HERO status can be a burden……..

So finally big business has come to the rescue with the all NEW Diesel Hero Fit Underwear Range! And amazingly it truly and actually, honestly, really works slip on a HERO Fit Brief and discover your inner Superman!

We tried out the new HERO fit boxers and briefs on a sample audience of regular Joes and encountered extraodinary results with 90% of guys feeling just that ickle bit more ‘super’ with their package nestled in Diesel’s new HERO pouch design.


So what unique properties does Hero Fit underwear have that other underwear does not?

The secret lies in the all new pouch and gusset construction, both the boxers and briefs have been cut with a separate gusset panel between the legs that prevents your junk from slipping down between your thighs whilst the new contoured fitted pouch provides a safe cradle to drop your old boy in – meaning no more pinching or chaffing.

It’s a miracle a bit of a redesign of some undies and were all feeling gravity defying, ready to fly and crush boulders with our bare hands!


But you may say, what about those guys that try on Diesel’s HERO Fit Unides and don’t feel that little bit more ‘punchy’?

Ha what about them, grow some balls lads, grow some balls!

So there you have it Diesel’s brand spanking new Diesel HERO Fit underwear that can actually tell the men from the boys!

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