Why We Love Charlie Underwear

It’s not often that we talk about brands that we don’t stock, but there’s something about Charlie Underwear that makes them special and in that instance, we’re allowed to make allowances. We’re proud to say we’re the UK’s No.1 independent retailer for men’s underwear on the world wide web, so we’re definitely a good authority on recognising a kindred spirit in the biz and Matthew Zink, the creator of the Charlie brand is definitely one. So, without further ado, we give you 5 reasons we love Charlie Underwear, or Charlie By MZ.

The 2016 Collection is #FOREVERCHARLIE. Rooted in simplicity and Charlie’s signature timeless aesthetic, Charliefans can look forward to one of the brand’s most iconic collections including to date.


#1 Collections


Having started out just five years ago, Charlie by Matthew Zink is a relative newbie within the men’s underwear world, but boy have they made an impact already. With an underwear collection, swimwear collection, loungewear collection, resort wear collection and a limited edition leather collection, it’s been featured in every major men’s glossy you could think of. The brand aims to offer superior quality, comfort, practicality all wrapped up in a hyper stylish package. It’s one of the most ‘grown up’ brands for underwear aficionados, and a definite bonus for any connoisseur to have in their underwear drawer. The 2016 Collection is #FOREVERCHARLIE.  Rooted in simplicity and Charlie’s signature timeless aesthetic, Charliefans can look forward to one of the brand’s most iconic collections including to date.


Why We Love Charlie Underwear


#2 Models

Quite often, it’s been said that people buy from people, inspirational people at that, and boy are the Charlie boys inspirational. Toned, tanned and chiselled, Matthew Zink clearly has a talent for scouting out some of the best models and underwear models going. Their list includes film photographer Walter Savage, Calvin Klein poster boy Ryan Bertroche, the most famous maths teacher in the world, Pietro Boselli and magazine editor and silver fox Eric Rutherford.


#3 Campaigns

If you’re using hot models, then generally the campaigns are going to be hot too, right? Not necessarily. It’s actually quite a skill not to make underwear models look cheesy and luckily for Charlie By MZ, they do the exact opposite. The models are cool, stylish and campaigns are fresh, fun and with a bit of tongue in cheek humour thrown in. In 2015, the brand had a rather risqué campaign asking what direction their Charlie Fans leant to with their Compass (get it- direction!) campaign. And when we say leant to, we’re totally talking about which way your member prefers to sit!

In the same year, they snapped up Pietro Boselli at the height of his popularity and made him front a campaign. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pietro, he’s the guy who was dubbed the sexiest maths teacher in the world. He was plastered all over the internet as one of his students found out he did a spot of modelling too. Far from damaging his career in either area of his life, it pushed Boselli to new levels and he now boasts over a million followers on Instagram. Whether they’re there for the algebra or the abs, we’ll never know!


#4 Social Media

Speaking of Instagram, that’s another thing we love about Charlie By MZ. Their social media. Obviously we’re going wherever there are pictures of guys in underwear (for research purposes of course!) and there are plenty to find on the brands social media. Their channels have a mixture of promotional posts, underwear inspiration, aspirational lifestyle imagery and so much more. Just what you need to brighten up your day! Their Instagram is by far their most popular social media channel.


Why We Love Charlie Underwear


#5 Matthew Zink

And finally, one of the main reasons we love the brand, is because we respect the man behind it. Charlie is the vision and ultimate muse of New York based designer Matthew Zink. He is a former designer for Victoria’s Secret and freelanced for Tom Ford. He was a production assistant for three months for his last collection at Gucci, which is most definitely a big deal. In 2010, he decided to open his own brand, and he launched the swimwear label Charlie By Matthew Zink, or Charlie By MZ for short. More than just another brand, he envisioned it to be a lifestyle, and everything he puts out there, from the collections to the models and campaigns reflect that vision time and time again.

Hats off to you Mr Zink, you’ve got fans here at BANG&STRIKE!


Why We Love Charlie Underwear