8 Good Reasons why the Fashion Jockstrap is here to stay

Why you need a Fashion Jockstrap

For the unconvinced fashion jockstrap prospectee – there are more than enough reasons why this ‘trend’ is here to stay!

1. Sportswear is the new Casualwear

From the track, to the living room, to the catwalk – sweatpants are one example of sportswear that has hit the big-time in the fashion world. The evolution is welcome. Sportswear is designed for comfort during physical activities, and a little extra comfort in the rest of our lives shan’t go amiss… Whether you’re donning the latest fashion sweatpants or not – there’s a lesson to be learnt.

Highly popular PUMP! jockstraps

But even in the underwear world everything verges on sportswear. Prior to the days of Calvin Klein briefs and boxer shorts, ‘underwear’ meant a t-shirt and long johns! The woven boxer (that baggy thing your Dad wears..) has gone out the window, and underwear cuts get more compact, supportive, and comfortable.  Naturally, the next step is to appropriate the sportiest of all underwear – and that’s what’s happened. Enter the fashion jockstrap.

2. Guys care more about what underwear they choose

 90% of men buy their own underwear, according to research from Garcon Model. It’s alarming that 1 in 10 men still rely on Mum or a partner, but nevertheless it’s a remarkable change from the ‘tradition’ of getting the wife to do it…

What does it show? Blokes are more conscious about what they’re wearing down under. Comfort was cited as the most influential factor in underwear choice by Garcon Model’s research, but 35% of men confessed to buying underwear to flash the branded waistband above their jeans. Image, then, is an important factor.

Diesel add Fresh&Bright jockstraps to their range

With an increased focus on underwear choice, it’s no surprise that the men’s underwear market has boomed and continues to grow, evolve, and diversify. Some men may be happy with branded tighty whities, but a lot more want the hottest new styles – which now includes the fashion jockstrap!

3. The American influence

Since pole vaulter Tom Hintaus stripped off in Calvin Klein’s first underwear campaign, Brits have been religiously wearing American underwear. The iconic brand has dominated the underwear industry for 30+ years, but it’s not the only American underwear brand to make it big. Tommy Hilfiger styled themselves as the All-American street brand, and more recently Andrew Christian has made a huge splash in the industry. 2(x)ist, c-in2 and Rufskin are all American BANG+STRIKE brands that have weighed in on the budding fashion jock market too.

Whilst jockstraps may be alien to many Brits, they’re a lasting part of North American culture. In fact, young sporty types, or ‘jocks’, got their name from the jockstrap – not the other way around!

Jockstraps from the c-in2 GRIP athletic range

We continue to lap up American fashion, especially the boom in Varsity-style casual clothing like baseball jackets and shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, crew-necks, and the rest. Hell, if they’ve got something good across the pond then it’s only natural we want it. And we want the fashion jockstrap. Thanks, yanks!

4. Work on your guns, son

Gym culture has exploded. Every man is feeling the pressure to hit the weights and pile on the muscle-pounds. And for those that do, getting the right kit is just the first step.

The fashion jockstrap is, typically, just as sporty as the sports jockstrap. Styles from PUMP! often include super-comfy mesh fabric pouches that are breathable and supportive, with wide leg-bands that won’t dig in – preferable to your standard sweaty briefs for a workout!

5. Underwear got hot

Sexy underwear for men used to be a taboo. Whilst you can walk into any department store and pick up a huge range of titillating lingerie for women, for men the emphasis is more on.. well.. covering up.
Bryant Wood sports a PUMP jockstrap

The fashion jockstrap is set to change all that. The frontal pouch emphasises your package more than any other style, and with no back panel the fashion jockstrap is naturally revealing. Moreso than other styles, fashion jockstraps make use of other innovations – Andrew Christian’s signature boosting pouch, the ‘brief jock’, and mesh fabrics. All designed to give you an edge when the rest of your kit comes off. And they really do.

6. Keep it comfy

So if comfort is the most important factor in underwear choice – what does the fashion jock have to offer?

Plenty. Like briefs, and unlike boxers, the frontal pouch keeps your junk in place throughout the day. Minimal jostling, minimal readjustments. Riding up and wedgies are clearly not a problem here either… What’s more, the leg-bands are non-restrictive and keep everything in place whilst keeping your ass cool in hotter weather.

Really, it’s a wonder we didn’t wear them sooner.

7. Less is more

From the long john to the boxer short, the trunk to the boxer brief, the y-front to the hipster brief. Men’s underwear is getting smaller and smaller.

Why? Firstly, taboos over men showing skin have all but vanished. It’s the age of the underwear selfie and when it comes to showing off, less is more.

c-in2's Culture Club jock

Secondly, for many guys, smaller styles are more comfortable. Long legs ride up, loose fabrics have you jangling about far too much, and high waistbands pinch. Why not cut down to the minimum of what you need for support, comfort, and modesty?

Thirdly, it’s cheaper! Briefs are typically a few pounds cheaper than boxers, and you can save a couple more with a fashion jockstrap.

8. Cos the fashion jockstrap looks fricking awesome.

And the pictures on this page prove it!

Convinced? Check out the fashion jocks on offer at BANG+STRIKE!

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