It has been a longer than usual wait this year for the launch of Spanish brand ADDICTED‘s new swimwear collection. But fear not after initial delays whooooahhh hold on to your seats guys its been worth the foot tapping! For Summer 2018 ADDICTED have ramped up the colour, not shyed away from some smut and remodelled some old favourites.

First off if you have ever wondered is that guy a top or a bottom then ADDICTED’s new swim collection aims to help you out! We are loving the slogan trunks featuring TOP and BTM in bold big lettering across the rear of each piece. For the versatile (or greedy) out there get both pairs so that you are prepared whatever your mood!

The all over digitally printed swimwear are produced using a heat moulding process that enables the print to be unbroken by the removal of any side seams  and then they are finished off with a removable shaped insert in the front pouch to add a boost or just smooth out any lumps n bumps.

Also for Summer 18 ADDICTED has gone all inclusive and has created a range of swim trunks for all you bears out there with bear faces on the pouch and slogans across the rear that go from a XS up to a 2XL (38inch waist) for all you stacked guys.

You have worn your bear trunks to the beach, so you have the attention of the desired group of guys. Now you can get more granular and do a quick change into your TOP or BTM trunks. Its like doing a grindr filter in real life, beach side under blue skies. And now if still no luck, go back to the usual winning strategy and pull on ADDICTED’S SLUT slogan trunks, ‘cus lets be honest sometimes a dude can’t be picky!

We will be adding more styles to the range over the next few weeks, so keep checking back! Plus remember that here at BANG&STRIKE we have largest range of ADDICTED in the UK!

Check out our reduced end of line ADDICTED right here