When it comes to skincare, we like to take tips from the experts who have to look good. Stu Reardon is the face of the Axiom for Men range and one of our models at BangLads.

Stu Reardon

Proving that skincare is both masculine and effective, Stu uses a combination of four products from the Axiom For Men range. The range is tattoo-friendly (doesn’t fade ink), long-lasting and can be used on sensitive skin. What are you waiting for?

The Axiom For Men range

Axiom Products

PH Balanced Hair Removal Cream
Introducing the Axiom pH-balanced Hair Removal Cream, which is specifically developed to be used on sensitive areas all over your body, including the most manly of parts. Additionally, the advanced formulation lets you easily clean your canvas and show off your prized tattoos without altering or fading their colour. The special formulation does not damage or fade ink.
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Daily Restorative Moisturiser
Axiom For Men’s Daily Restorative Moisturiser protects your skin from both man-made and natural pollutants, while allowing the cellular wall to rebuild its natural defences. This smooth-spreading, rapidly-absorbing and reparative formulation will keep your skin looking hydrated, fit, and healthy throughout the day and well into the night.
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Pearlised Cleansing Gel
Axiom’s most versatile product offering – Axiom For Men’s Pearlised Cleansing Gel removes impurities encountered throughout the day and washes away cleanly for smoother feeling results. It gently and effectively frees skin of contaminants and excess oils, without damaging the skin’s own moisture content. The residue-free formula is ideal to use before our Skin-Tone Balancing Cream, and after our Face & Body Shave Cream and Hair Removal Cream.
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Face & Body Shave Cream
The Axiom Face & Body Shave Cream represents the next generation in men’s shaving. Much more than just a shave cream, our innovative formulation offers maximum shave-ability for the entire body, while simultaneously moisturising and protecting the skin. Even your most shave-sensitive areas will notice the difference.
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