Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills

Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
We’re all about stocking the greatest men’s underwear and swimwear brands here at BANG+STRIKE, and we go all around the world to curate an offering that will suit all manner of tastes, preferences and occasions. Luckily with this brand we didn’t have to go too far, just North of England! BOX Menswear was founded by celebrity management agent Luke Mills. He’s took a plunge into the world of men’s underwear, and the results are really impressive. With a boutique range loved by many an influencer over on Box Menswear’s Instagram, we’ve interviewed Luke to find out a little more about him and the future of the brand.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
So, tell me a little bit about your background.
I started my working career in McDonalds and my original intention was to go and study medicine. However, I did not get the grade A in Chemistry A Level. I went on to work as a reporter in newspapers and magazines in London for several years and lived there from 19 -25. At age 25, I moved my TV and management company back to Liverpool and started some e-commerce companies alongside it.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
What’s the inspiration behind the brand? Where’s the name come from?
I just wanted super duper soft boxer shorts, that you can wear all day. I used to get told off as a kid for putting my hand down my trousers and rearranging my bits and bobs in my boxer shorts as they get all tangled up and uncomfortable and stuff like that, and I wanted something that didn’t do that. The name comes from my mum, because one of the many words for your private parts was your ‘lunch box’. There is a statue above Lewis’s in Liverpool, and the statue is a naked man with his willy hanging out, and she always called that his ‘Lunch Box’.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
Who do you envision wearing your brand?
The brand is for absolutely everybody who likes comfort and style. It’s a brand that you should be happy to put on yourself, in the morning or the night. Also, if you happen to take your clothes off in front of somebody, it’s a brand you should be proud to show off. You want the other person to see you wear Box Menswear, in the same way they would some other premium brands. It’s a brand for everybody.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
What sets you guys apart from your competition?
Our creativeness. We do a lot of photoshoots with a lot of different people, and we try and be creative and showcase the brand off. We try not to be sexy all the time and try to be fun, but of course, sex sells.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills
Tell us about the latest collection for 2018
Box is a really limited collection. Therefore, it is hard to say what my favourite piece is. We are working on some new lounge wear, sportswear, active wear.
Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills


Sum the brand up in 5 words?

Inclusive, comfortable, supportive, style and modern.


Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills


If you could see any celebrity wearing it, who would it be?

Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and David Beckham.


Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills


So, what can we expect from future collections?

There are about 25 different items in development. Lots more different styles. We try to be fully creative. The original ones were just black, white and grey. We are not clothing designers over here, so we played it safe. So, the future will be variety, lots more variety.


Q&A With BOX Menswear Founder Luke Mills


Where do you see the brand in 5 year’s time?

Still working with Bang + Strike. I buy my own underwear from Bang + Strike a lot of the time. Also, we recognise that after the UK the US is our biggest market, so some sort of presence over there.

Quick Fire Round

Favourite Summer Destination? : Thailand all year round. I am to be found at a Kick boxing and MME camp a lot.

Favourite Summer Drink? : Disaronno

Favourite Summer Sound? : Used to be the school bell to go home! But I don’t know what that is now.

Favourite Summer Style? :White and bright. I like to mix something light with something bright. It always works.

Favourite Summer Activity? : In the park with my friends, alcohol and different activities.

And finally…

Boxers or Briefs?

It is always Boxers

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Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

It’s no secret that ADDICTED like to go all in when it comes to their swimwear collections. Bright, bold colours, statement prints and slogans, and some pretty racy video and imagery for their campaigns. This season, they’ve released their the ADDICTED Splash collection, that includes all of that and so much more. With tongue in cheek graphics and wording throughout their designs, this is one collection that will certainly make an impact on your holiday. So let’s take a look at some of our favourites out of the latest range, all of them perfect for that Summer in Sitges.

The ADDICTED Sport Logo Swim Brief is a fast drying, high stretch swim trunk that is heat moulded with a removable enhancing cup for improved comfort and shape. ADDICTED aren’t really known for subtle details, and this swim brief is no exception to that rule, featuring a large contrast AD strike through logo on the front and rear with smaller ‘ADDICTED’ branding on the left hip. It comes in 4 colour ways; Red, Yellow, Heather Grey and Peacock Blue.

Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

If you’re after something that will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face at the beach, we’d recommend the ADDICTED Hardrock Swim Trunk. This trunk is so soft to the touch, and is extremely comfortable to wear. It’s fast drying, meaning that you can go to the pool to the bar to the beach to the strip without having to wait for anything to try off. The lightweight fabric features an all over cracked rock design with ‘HARDER than a rock’ emblazoned on the rear. The trunk itself is heat moulded for reduced seams and a contoured fit, and there is a removable foam cup in the pouch of the trunk, giving you a smoother shape. Every little helps, eh?

Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

Now we’re getting to the real good stuff! The #Top or #Bttm swim briefs will most certainly set some tongues wagging. Would you dear to wear these slogan briefs? Aside from their cheeky bottoms, these black swim trunks feature an all over grey arrow print design and are both comfortable and supportive. They are heat moulded to reduce the seams and offer maximum comfort. The addition of spandex ensure a contoured fit, but will allow plenty of movement, whether you’re relaxing on the beach, swimming in the pool or chilling by the bar!

Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

Channel your inner sexy lifeguard with this swim brief from the new range. They are a low cut swim trunk, constructed of a high stretch, heat moulded fabric designed with minimal seams for excellent shape and comfort. They are available in a very Baywatch-esque red and a rich navy, and feature a silicone AD logo on the left hip, a removable pack up insert for an extra boost and extra comfort, and a ‘Hot lifeguard 69’ motif on the rear.

Introducing The New Addicted Splash Range

There is so much more in the range, from star prints to shark motifs, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this latest ADDICTED range. Let us know which style is on your Summer wish list!

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ADDICTED 2018 Swimwear Launches at BANG+STRIKE


It has been a longer than usual wait this year for the launch of Spanish brand ADDICTED‘s new swimwear collection. But fear not after initial delays whooooahhh hold on to your seats guys its been worth the foot tapping! For Summer 2018 ADDICTED have ramped up the colour, not shyed away from some smut and remodelled some old favourites.

First off if you have ever wondered is that guy a top or a bottom then ADDICTED’s new swim collection aims to help you out! We are loving the slogan trunks featuring TOP and BTM in bold big lettering across the rear of each piece. For the versatile (or greedy) out there get both pairs so that you are prepared whatever your mood!

The all over digitally printed swimwear are produced using a heat moulding process that enables the print to be unbroken by the removal of any side seams  and then they are finished off with a removable shaped insert in the front pouch to add a boost or just smooth out any lumps n bumps.


Also for Summer 18 ADDICTED has gone all inclusive and has created a range of swim trunks for all you bears out there with bear faces on the pouch and slogans across the rear that go from a XS up to a 2XL (38inch waist) for all you stacked guys.


You have worn your bear trunks to the beach, so you have the attention of the desired group of guys. Now you can get more granular and do a quick change into your TOP or BTM trunks. Its like doing a grindr filter in real life, beach side under blue skies. And now if still no luck, go back to the usual winning strategy and pull on ADDICTED’S SLUT slogan trunks, ‘cus lets be honest sometimes a dude can’t be picky!

Addicted swimwear 2018

We will be adding more styles to the range over the next few weeks, so keep checking back! Plus remember that here at BANG+STRIKE we have largest range of ADDICTED in the UK!

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2Eros Bondi Swim Shorts, more than just swimwear

2Eros BONDI Emerald swim short at BANG+STRIKE

Australian brand 2EROS have released a LUX beach-to-bar semi tailored swim short in 4 stylish shades for Summer 2018. The Bondi style is made from a crisp, fast drying nylon blend fabric with a a fit that has more in common with tailored shorts or trousers but is cleverly achieved through a flat waistband that has an inner elastic core and curved dart detailing at the side seams and back.

2Eros Bondi Alloy Swim Short at BANG+STRIKE

The BONDI is available in Black, Emerald, Alloy, Almond and Navy so there is a shade to suit whatever the occassion and due to the innovative woven stretch fabric they look great and perform well on the beach, by the pool and in the evening worn with a shirt and loafers for capturing that Marbella vibe.

2Eros BONDI Black Swim Short at BANG+STRIKE

The front of the swim short has a mock metal stud fastening and two diaginal pockets with belt loops and on the back a zip closure vent pocket. Internally their is a mesh swim brief so that you have no need to wear underwear. We are just stuck trying to decide which colour to wear?

2Eros BONDI Almond Swim Short

The almond Bondi is NEW for SS18 and works great worn with dark shades like navy and black for a hot African Savannah vibe or alternately mixed with earthy tones for a laid back San Fran vibe. As the BONDI shorts have belt loops you can style them up with a contrasting belt as in the picture to lift your outfit and finish off that evening look.

2Eros BONDI Emerald swim Short at BANG+STRIKE

Named after the Iconic sands of Bondi Beach and its crystal clear waters the BONDI swim short is a smarter upgrade to a sports styled or patterned swim short offer and will just add a more sophisticated style to your holiday wardrobe for when you want a break from playful prints and sports jock stripes.

2Eros BONDI Alloy Swim Short at BANG+STRIKE

So if you are ready to get packing then check out our selection on BANG+STRIKE by clicking just here



This Spring BANG+STRIKE has added US Underwear brand C-IN2 to it’s list of designer underwear brands. C-IN2 was established by underwear expert Greg Sovell and Jason Zambuto in 2005 after Gregory left his previous place of work 2(x)-ist the company he had formed way back in 1991. By 2005 though creative differences and tensions regarding the future direction of 2(x)-ist resulted in him jumping ship and starting fresh with C-IN2.


C-in2 was to be a more metrosexual and ‘sexy’ range of underwear than 2(x)-ist, designed for a modern man with its Core range of boxers, briefs, jocks and tshirts made from a soft 1×1 rib cotton with clean modern branding, simple detailing and innovatively cut. C-IN2 launched the idea of enhancing underwear with their sling support system and also developed new moisture wicking and micro mesh fabrics creating a cross over sports/underwear style.


  New York based photographer Rick Day was hired to create striking ad campaigns with athletic male models in sexually charged poses and C-IN2 was pitched against its old rival 2(x)-ist in stores across the US with great success. The brand though has only really had limited exposure here in the UK – until now that is! BANG+STRIKE have added much of the original CORE range to their online store and have also launched several of the new underwear collections such as Scrimmage, a hot sports style jock collection and Hand Me Down which uses an ultra soft and lightweight cotton polyester blend in stripes and block colour.


The biggest issue for customers is knowing how to pronounce the C-IN2 name, the answer is simple just say ‘see in to’.

If you are wondering about fit when it comes to this brand, then it is very similar to 2(x)-ist with a low rise and slim hips, we would suggest to a UK customer they may want to go up a size on the briefs, boxers and jocks but go true to size on the tees and even possibly one size smaller for a more snug fit.

  C-IN2 CORE UNDERWEAR AT BANG+STRIKE  One of C-IN2’s most Iconic ad campaigns has to be the ‘jail line up’ below shot by high fashion photographer Steven Klein and was shown on billboards across the US. It had the desired effect and helped rocket the C-IN2 brand from small start up to being one of Americas true great underwear brands sat alongside Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and 2(x)-ist


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